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Crafts & Cocktails

I feel incredibly fortunate to know so many remarkable women.  We love and support one another and rejoice in each other's successes. 

For my summer photo shoot, I invited seven outstanding female entrepreneurs to share an evening of crafts and cocktails. On a beautiful sun-drenched porch in Florida, we gathered in a circle, just like we have done year after year on my Creative Well-being Retreats. After a centering meditation and journaling session, we shared our personal triumphs and challenges with one another. Afterwards, we crafted little artist's books with hand-carved stamps and personal writing that captured the inspiration of the moment.

What we discovered:

Each of us has had the courage to follow our dreams, take the leap into the unknown and find the strength to prevail even when times get tough.

We have learned to walk the fine line between letting things happen and making things happen. 

When we don't know what we are doing, we  just "wing it". 

Like a bird.

And sometimes, we can fly.

Photography: Jenny Acheson

Remarkable Women:

Laura Proctor, personal chef-Epicurean Pursuits 

Lynn Morris, founder-Sarafresh Juice

Sarah Logan Werner, partner-Craftsman & Wolves Bakery, San Francisco

Nikki Logan Curran, event planner and officiant-Hitched & Honey

Courtney Lauderdale, founder-Sunny Day Mercantile

Jamie Coffey, yoga instructor

Leann Spofford, wellness marketing professional

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