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Fashion Design Update

Beach to Bistro  is Sigrid Olsen's newest label since the inception of her namesake brand 35 years ago. Today she is relying on her own intuition, creativity and passion to fuel a venture that is close to her heart.


In February of 2020, Sigrid made her first trip to India, just before Covid hit the US. There she met Mandira, a  textile designer and artist in her own right, and they became fast friends. Mandira owns a small factory in Delhi where she creates beautiful fabrics and small collections for a handful of American brands. Through all obstacles--global pandemic, cyclones, fires, floods, locusts (yup!), riots (in both countries)--they managed to stay positive and keep on moving ahead. Sigrid and Mandira share a passion for artisan textiles and a heartfelt commitment to fostering good vibes while doing business.

With a commitment to natural fabrications that are soft to the touch and imbued with artisan details, Sigrid has created the clothes that she herself loves to wear. An enthusiastic printmaker and textile designer, she founded her original company 35 years ago to highlight the prints she generated herself from stamps she carved from potatoes. Now many of those same images are hand-carved out of wood by artisans in India.

Decades in the fashion business have given Sigrid years of experience that informs her reinvention today. While her career was wild and wonderful , she is content now to keep things small and close to home. A recovering fashionista, she has abandoned the standard industry practice of monthly deliveries, which results in shameful waste. This small collection will evolve slowly, new items added in an organic fashion, in a cycle that feels more natural and calibrated to fit the needs of her customers. Small batches, attention to detail and a close relationship between designer and factory is the secret to Sigrid's new chapter. Her creative energy moves the enterprise forward without compromising her hard-won serenity.


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