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More about Tulum Retreat (2017 date TBD)


 We have held this retreat every January and people love it so much they come back year after year. Right now, there are no plans for Tulum for 2017. We are exploring some new venues. 


The focus is on kicking off the New Year with a happy, healthy, more relaxed attitude through daily activities designed to generate creativity (in the art workshops), mind/body connection (through yoga), introspection (guided meditation and journaling) and fun/camaraderie (by getting to know the small group of 18 or so people during our morning beach walks, group activities and mealtime.)


The yoga is for all levels and we have two instructors (Martha and Jamie or Rachael) that alternate classes...both are lovely and understand how to tailor a class for gentle beginners and still have it just right for more advanced practitioners. Martha leads our guided meditations and also offers shamanic healing sessions (extra, optional activity that is paid to Martha separately) and private yoga instruction is always available. Massage and spa treatments are available at additional cost either on the premises or at local hotels/massage studios that we can recommend.


All the meals are included and made for us on the premises by a private chef who is fabulous at creating the yummiest dishes from local cuisine that are also very healthy. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies that are washed with purified water, so, don't worry, they are safe to eat. You should take a look at the hotel's website to get a better look. It is small, spare, but very well designed and has an incredibly peaceful vibe. The website is


You take off your shoes when you arrive and don't need them again until you leave. If you want to do any sightseeing (shoes required for that) you can visit the local Mayan ruin, shop in town or go off the premises for any activity you choose. We have 3 hours and one full day of free time in our week's schedule.

The schedule goes somewhat like this:


  • Day 1 (arrival day...dinner at 7, optional yoga at 5-no other activities)

  • Day 2-6  Five full days of activities: starts with short morning yoga, then twenty minute walk to local beach cafe, breakfast, guided meditation/journaling, 3 hour art workshop with me, lunch, free time, yoga. optional off-site cocktail hour (implemented by rogue guests and now has become a tradition), dinner, sometimes we have a gathering after dinner in the main room.

  • Day 7 Free Day (just have morning meditation and closing circle, ther rest of the day is open for sight seeing, spa treatments or just relaxing) We still do yoga and walk, all meals served as usual.

  • Last Day is departure day--no activities planned, breakfast served to those who leave after 9 am.


Demand is high and availability is very low--in fact we sell out very quickly, so please call  508-843-8096 to see if it still available. The regular casitas are all basically the same size and are $3800 for single occupancy and $2800 per person as a double. You can pay by check (Mail to Sigrid Olsen 447 Avenida De Mayo, Sarasota FL 34242) or credit card (3% fee for CC). Call us to arrange payment. 508-843-8096.


TO GET THERE: Fly into Cancun and we arrange for a car service to pick you up right our side the terminal and take you to the hotel (1.5-2 hour drive). That cost is shared between all passengers, so when I have your flight arrival info I try to group as many together without causing too long a wait for anyone. Same deal on the return to the airport.


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