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Creative Wellbeing Retreats

art | yoga | meditation | nature | fresh local cuisine


Who loves a retreat?


Anyone in need of relaxation, replenishment and connection with other good humans.

Maybe you're in transition and finding it hard to navigate through all the shoulds and what ifs that are competing for space inside your head.


Perhaps you just are seeking iinner guidance,  need some deep introspection, as well as positive human contact. Or you just want to have fun--move your body, eat amazing food, be in a beautiful place, make some art and laugh. All of that. It's all happening on one of our retreats. Just hear from people who have been.


These retreats are life-changing. They are designed to open pathways for you-- to rediscover your spiritual, emotional and creative self  through a unique blending of spiritual practice with artistic expression. Daily guided meditations, yoga and nature walks, dovetail with journaling and sharing circles to create a safe space, clearing the way for inspiration in passageways that have been blocked for too long.


Too often, we lose the uninhibited joy that we had making art as a child, with voices of judgement and criticism clouding our experience. This program unleashes creativity in a lighthearted, expansive way. Sigrid’s hands-on art sessions offer a new way to explore watercolor, printmaking, collage and writing for students of all levels. Her workshop is more about the process than the finished product, though the results are often amazing. Learn more about Art Workshops HERE.

Click here for BAHAMAS RETREAT January 26-31, 2025


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