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Retreat Testimonials

"Sigrid's Creative Wellbeing Retreat was magical! I loved every minute of every day. How often does one experience fabulous art and yoga classes, scrumptious food and wonderful connections with amazing women? ... and do it all while barefoot? (Love Tulum!) What could be more perfect?!"

"An amazing retreat full of inspiration, meditation and friendships! It was exactly what I needed."

"Sigrid Olsen is an exceptional "guide" if one is looking to take an artistic and renewing journey. Expect to be truly nurtured physically, emotionally, artistically and spiritually. I am grateful to have had this wonderful experience in France."

"A truly special experience for someone who is looking for a creative outlet in a non-threatening group environment. The combination of yoga and art worked together to calm the spirit allowing one's artistic energy to flow."

"The retreat was the ideal way to kick off a new year. Tulum was a truly magical setting for a well-designed, enriching program. The experience was the best gift I could have possibly given myself. I feel more centered and focused. I am already observing the positive ripple effect of these changes in the short time I've been back home. "

“Sigrid Olsen knows more than a thing or two about women and reinvention at mid-life  You might say that she has completely re-invented reinvention with her groundbreaking retreats.  These retreats reinvigorate the spiritual, emotional, and physical selves, preparing them for rebirth. Picture a group of interesting women coming together in beautiful surroundings with delicious healthy food, doing yoga and making art under loving direction.  Meditation, shamanic healing, journaling, and meaningful discussion round out the experience. What happens to those women after several days together is nothing short of human alchemy in the best sense.There is sharing on such a deep level that lives are healed and renewed. New relationships are formed with others, within oneself, and with the world. I believe only Sigrid and Martha are able to provide this type of experience, and that is because Sigrid understands better than anyone out there what women at mid-life most need.  Her prescription is a blend of connection, calm, and creativity that she refines in her own fascinating life. Oh, and did I mention that the women on the retreat have fun too?  There's a daily diet of the kind of laughs that only women with some perspective on life are entitled to have…”

"Relaxing at my core and tuning into my creativity were my goals for this retreat and not only did I meet those goals but I still feel the effects weeks later. I do think I'm a changed person! Yoga and art...what a marvelous way to spend a week!”

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