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Making a closer connection

It has been nearly seven years since the last SIGRID OLSEN store closed its doors and my fashion line disappeared from view. Since then I have had the opportunity to stretch my wings and explore other parts of life-- painting in my studio, practicing yoga, writing in my journal-all of which have brought me joy and some degree of personal enlightenment.

One thing I realize after so many years out of the fashion business: I've missed it! Most of all, I miss the connection I made with women across America--the fashion shows, the one-on-one fitting room consultations and the sense that I have contributed to something greater than just creating pretty clothes. I am proud to say I have help many women, the world over, feel better about themselves, both inside and out.

As I sit here on a sunlit morning in my Florida studio and reflect on all that has happened in recent years, I am simply amazed. I never expected to be an on-air persona, but that is exactly what I will be when I go live on HSN this month. And it is just perfect. If I were to create the ideal scenario for my return to fashion I couldn't have designed it better. I will connect directly with my viewers, explain why I love the clothes I designed for this collection (and I do!), as well as present the "new me" emerging with a refreshing lifestyle vision and with a genuine appreciation for the gift of creativity.

I love designing, I love people and I love being able to share my enthusiasm for both online and on television in a brand new "experience-driven" format.

Please tune in to HSN this month and let me know what you think! (Post comments and share.)

Here are the dates to look for:

April 16th "The List with Colleen Lopez", 9 pm ~ 11 p.m./ET

April 21st SIGRID OLSEN 4-6 pm/ET and 10-midnight ET.

Check out the collection online beginning April 6th:

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