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I have a dream

Not long ago, I dreamt that I could reinvent myself again as a fashion designer, but this time, I would do it on my own, keep it small, work with wonderful people, but still maintain my solitude and independence. Well, thank you, Universe, you brought me that. As I sit here alone in my studio writing, with palm trees and tropical rain outside my window, I am both grateful and ready for something new.

The seeds of that something new began back in 2008, when my original fashion line was shut down and I embarked on some serious soul-searching to discover my new chapter. Since then I have followed where my heart has led. It has taken some courage to do that through all kinds of unexpected events and immense uncertainty. My instincts led me to forge a new path for myself far away from the confines and stresses of the fashion world. Fueled by hours in my art studio and immersed in my yoga practice, I was able to create a beautiful new tangent to my career trajectory. I created a series of Inspiration Retreats to bring women together to relax, reinvigorate through art and yoga in some of the world's most beautiful locales. Maybe some of you reading this have joined me there. If so, you are part of a precious network of soul sisters that I cherish and am thankful for every day.

My new dream has been a long time in the making. After hauling art supplies and yoga mats all over the world--Tuscany, Provence, Ojai, Mexico-- I'd love to stay put. Moving to this warm weather, beachside community is just the first step in my dream fulfilling process. I am looking for a permanent location. One that can house all 4 parts of the holistic vision I have for a Creative Wellbeing Yoga and Art Center. ...beautiful, open space, quiet, peaceful, near the water, close to nature with space for yoga, art studio, kitchen and possibly also accommodate overnight guests. Its part educational, part hospitality...a home for retreats and classes to DESIGNED TO INSPIRE. Just putting it out there...universe, are you listening?

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