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My Happiness check list: How I jump started my post-election recovery.

Eight steps to a renewed sense of self...

November has been a difficult time for many of us. There is so much chaotic energy happening, politically, personally, and spiritually. Not one of us has remained unaffected by the friction of current events, myself included. Add to that an intense work schedule, with frequent travel and the usual twists and turns of daily life, and you have a recipe for stress.

One thing I should know is how to alleviate stress. I diligently created a life that supports the best in me and gives me a soft place to land when times get tough. I have even created an 8-step re-set check list for when times get tricky and life feels off-balance. I know what to do. But here's the thing about stress. Sometimes it can hold you captive and you feel paralyzed. It seems easier just to stay in it than to acknowledge it is a choice to feel stuck and endeavor instead to find a path out.

There's a little voice in the deep recesses of my heart that says, "Sigrid, you know what to do, but you're not doing it. Take a walk on the beach, go to yoga, cook yummy food, paint in your studio, have a dinner party, help out someone who needs a hand." Suddenly, everything comes into focus and I realize, I can choose to take these steps to lift myself out of the painful, uncomfortable place I am in. Not every wrong is easily corrected, and so much I am witness to is out of my control, but I can help heal myself and put together the broken pieces of my soul when needed. I return to the things I know will re-awaken my heart and ignite it with life.

In just a couple of days I am's how I jump-started my personal post-election recovery:

1. Bike ride to the beach and take a walk with my sister whom I haven't seen in what seems like weeks. (Steps 1,2,3)

2. Spend a beautiful Saturday morning with my sweetie at our farmer's market, buy a beautiful bounty of organic veggies and support my local community. (Steps 3,8)

3. Clean my studio and spend time creating art. (Steps 4,7)

4. Go to yoga classes whether in NYC or Sarasota. I enjoy practicing with others for the sense of community it gives me. (Steps 2,3,5)

5. Mentor a friend. (Step 6)

6. Plan a family Thanksgiving. (Step 8)

7. Disengage from social media enough to simplify my thought patterns and reclaim my serenity. (Steps 4,5)

and so on....

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