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International Women's Day

Today women everywhere are posting, sharing, celebrating and pondering what it means, not only to be a woman, but to be among the company of women as we go about this tricky business of living. One thing I know: the women in my life make it better. Period. Every day. The inspire me. They support me. They love me and I love them back. In fact, it's one big crazy love fest when we get together. Who knew it would be that way when we were in high school and everything was so competitive and superficial. I had very few female friends, then. I found it more fun and less taxing to just hang out with the guys.

Now the centerpiece of my life's work is all about women. I design clothes for them, write book(s) to inspire them, and take them with me on Art & Yoga Retreats and visit incredible, beautiful spots around the world, mostly to just BE with them. We walk, we talk, we laugh and cry (sometimes all at once) and reconnect with ourselves, deep in the stillness of meditation. I am so grateful that I found my way to this life I have now. My network of women keeps growing. New ones enter my life almost daily and the ever-expanding tapestry of our interwoven lives is exquisitely beautiful and complex.

Today I decided to go through my photo library to revisit some of my past retreats and, I have to admit, my heart expanded seeing all the lovely souls that have connected through this fabulous eat of faith we each took to join together on retreat.

Thank you, every single woman out there who is seeking a deeper connection, working to make a difference and struggling to make time to strengthen her core (both physically and spiritually).

I love you.

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