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Vibing with my Tribe

Wow! A whole year has elapsed since my post on last International Women's Day 2018. It's a theme in my life: the connection I have made with women over the years. It is what sustains me, supports me, and, best of all, makes me laugh. As the years go by, I am approaching the age of "village elder" and I love it. I get so excited when my retreat community ranges in age from teens to grandmothers. I am constantly awed by the powerful sharing that happens between us. This photo is from 2017, but it shows how much we all have in common and how happy we are to be together, sharing stories, crazy cocktail hours, yoga, art and guided meditation. Last January in Tulum, every decade was represented, starting with my 15 year old granddaughter, Mia (on her first retreat) to the sweetest (and one of the most happy and vibrant of us) in her seventies. With love and compassion we can all thrive as we age...and also make the tumultuous teenage years more happy and productive by showing the young ones that we care. Yoga is too often pictured with gorgeous young twenty-somethings doing poses we can't even imagine ourselves getting into in unrealistic outfit and perfect make-up. That's so unimportant. Can you pause? Can you breathe? And, best of all, can you love and encourage that person on the mat next to you? We are all just here to give each other love. <3

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