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How to Have a Good Day

On Wednesday I had an awesome day. I felt love for everything and everyone around me. My energy was so positive it practically lifted me up off my feet and my heart felt like it was going to burst open. This, just hours after the previous day, which I'd spent under a dark cloud, with no ambition, feeling defeated, uncertain of everything and unable to lift myself above it.

I thought, “Thanks, universe for showing me myself from all sides, even though the irritable, lazy, hopeless me is just so unattractive it’s embarrassing. The happy me is so much better.”

Honestly, the contrast was so pronounced I had to consider the “why” behind it all. Circumstances had not changed. The weather was absolutely stunning both days and I doubt that there was much of an astrological shift. (Though, if there had been, I'd have been blissfully unaware.)

So why was Wednesday so fantastic after such a dismal Tuesday? After some insightful pondering, I think I have come up with a decent list of reasons. First of all...

Acceptance. Intention.

I decided to just let Tuesday suck. Not fight it, just let it be. Listen to the little self-destructive stories my mind was dishing out, knowing that they are just stories, not the Truth. I witnessed it all, without letting it take me down. Allowing myself this temporary wallow, I planted the seed that tomorrow would be a better day.

Gratitude. Yoga practice. Love.

Then, Wednesday morning I got out of bed, psyched to have a do-over day. I woke up grateful. For the gorgeous sun filtering through palm trees. For all the birds chirping outside. For my hot cup of tea, the serenity of my house and the promise of a wide open day ahead. My partner, Mark, forgot the sandwich I made for his lunch, so I dropped it off on my way to yoga, thankful to be able to do a good deed. I gave our 85 year old neighbor a hug. Then I got to spend 90 minutes in a room with a dozen or so lovely souls and our angelic instructor, practicing yoga that was so heavily imbued with life lessons and philosophy that it seeped into every one of my cells.

Mindfulness. Nature. Connection. Animals.

As I stepped out of my adorable yoga studio, there was nature showing off again: soft breeze, blue sky, bright sun, tinkling water in a sweet little pond. Tending to business, I took a conference call in my car under the palms in the parking lot and then ventured out to get 2 poke bowls for lunch, so I could spend a few precious minutes with my son, who lives nearby and was on his lunch break from work. Since his black lab, Gracie, is my favorite spirit animal, I whisked her away for an afternoon walk and we meandered over to our favorite outdoor cafe, where I sipped on the most delicious iced coffee and read a book. I took my time. I didn’t rush. I savored every bit of canine love and Florida sunshine.

Food. Music. Family. Friends.

That day, everywhere I went felt like an opportunity to spread joy—buying groceries, visiting the cutest fabric store, talking to my sister on the phone, and later sitting with complete strangers at a picnic table, family style at an outdoor restaurant, and later listening to a friend play jazz trumpet at a nearby wine bar.

Savor the simple things.

The most ordinary things are extraordinary, if you truly let it all sink in. Simple everyday events are awe-inspiring when you pay attention. Sometimes these magic moments are so rare, so fleeting, we almost miss them. But once we realize that they are the toe-holds to happiness and serenity, we learn to use them to rescue ourselves from despair.

Thank you, Wednesday, I hope I never forget you.

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