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watercolor painting
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stamp pads
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hand carved rubber stamp


The Carving Blocks—The best ones are 1/2” thick, anything thinner is hard to hold onto. Here is a link and photo for your reference from Amazon. You can also buy the Lino cut tool pictured on the same page:


Stamp Pads—These are like the ones you use in an office, but those are usually limited to black, red, green, black. You will want a variety of colors of your choosing and probably one darker one if you want to use alphabet (letter) stamps to show up on top of watercolors. The brand I used to buy (color box) has since gone out of business.

From Amazon:


From Michaels


Alphabet Stamps

These are optional…I have a lot in my studio and when we are together, people use mine. But they are great to have around…here is a link to some on Amazon--


Watercolors & Palette

I use Dr. Martins Bombay inks, because they are brilliant and waterproof when dry, they do not fade in the light after time either. But they are not required. If you do choose this route, you can buy on Amazon either individually  or in a set…Here is the link for that…

But you can use any watercolors you might have. We will just be painting simple colors (stripes and washes) for the underlay of the book covers. Make sure you have a nice flat brush at least 3/4” wide. I use plastic egg cartons for my palette to mix color in, but if you have a watercolor palette, use that.


The paper you will need is for two purposes:

1. Watercolor paper that you can paint on but is not too heavy to fold over the cardboard book covers (I will be sending you). The accordion books we will be making are small—4x6”.

2. Plain white paper for practicing on, printing on and using as collage for the book. The actual accordion pages of the book are in the kit you will be receiving from me.


Scoring Board & Bone Folder These are optional, but very helpful. They allow you to create the score on the watercolor paper to fold over your cardboard cover. If you don’t have it you will be fine. It is a little investment, only if you think you might use it again.


You will get a journal just for this class in the package from me.



I will send you a page of inspirational words I have collected and printed out that you can use on your pages. Just cut and paste. You can also print out your own choice words and use them, as well as any photos of inspirational images that you find and print out. 



You will need glue for two things:

1. For glueing the watercolor to the cardboard for your covers—so that needs to be like Elmers or ModPodge, you brush it on. This will all be demonstrated.

2. For collaging words or pictures onto your pages, glue sticks works easily for this, but aren’t strong enough for the prior use.



  • Scissors, pens and pencils, magic marker etc.

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