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What's it all about?

The beauty of coming to a retreat is to escape the distractions of daily life, so you can recapture joy and reignite your sense of purpose. You will find a safe, welcoming, inspiring, beautiful, healthy, light-hearted, loving, kind and thoughtful space to relax into. The best part is the coming together of strangers into a powerful group of like-minded souls. At first you are strangers, but before long, life-long friendships are formed and everyone feels richer for the experience.


It's really quite simple.


If you can imagine yourself saying:

"Put me somewhere beautiful in a place with amazing people. Feed me delicious, beautiful, healthy food and give me something creative to do." ... then maybe this retreat is for you.


If you need a burst of new energy to bring back to your life—your workplace, your family, community, and yourself... then maybe this retreat is for you.


If you want to be happier and also to make the world a better place (truth is…we really can’t have one without the other)... then maybe this retreat is for you.


If you feel like you'd like to up the creativity quotient in your life, but aren't sure how... then maybe this retreat is for you.

Each of us has our own unique gift. Sometimes it is hidden, nebulous, unclear, but this type of experience helps us to clarify it. This retreat will open up pathways to creativity and joy that have been blocked and allow you to access your purest strengths and truest self. Our art workshops are not only fun and easy, they are transformative, especially when mixed with mindfulness activities like meditation, yoga and journaling.


If you'd like to talk to someone to determine if, in fact, this retreat is for you... please feel free to call (508) 843-8096 or email us at

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