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Frequently Asked Questions

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How did the idea of Creative Wellbeing Retreats come about?

Sigrid developed this concept in 2008 during a time of self-reflection after the fashion company she had launched two decades prior was closed due to corporate downsizing. A compulsively creative and enterprising individual, Sigrid found this down-time to be the perfect opportunity to think about what she really was passionate about. During this time she revived her personal yoga and meditation practice and began to paint and make things with her hands again. The realization that creativity and wellness are interconnected informed the heart of the retreat concept. The more Sigrid embraced yoga, the more creative she felt...and she suspected that this would be true for other people as well, especially women. This led her to join together with her sister, Martha Abbot, a Kripalu-trained yoga instructor and shamanic healer, and Jamie Coffey, an international yoga instructor to offer these very unique retreats. This has become Sigrid's revitalized vision of the future--art and yoga infused travel retreats in beautiful natural locales around the world.

Where are the retreats held?

Sigrid has held retreats in Mexico, Tuscany, Provence, Santorini, California, Massachusetts, Florida...usually in small hotels, villas, houses or B&B's that can accommodate 8-20 people. The locales are always serene, beautiful, close to nature and always inspirational. Each place is different, ranging from rustic chic of Tulum, Mexico to the charming comfort of a country inn in Provence. New locations are always being explored. Sigrid even holds retreats at her home in beautiful Siesta Key, Florida.


What is a typical day on retreat?

Each day usually begins with a short stretch and/or yoga session followed by a group walk or hike. A healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch is served, usually by a private chef on the premises. Some venues offer dinner every night, others are a mix of eating in and sampling local restaurants in the area. Each day there is a 3 hour art workshop with Sigrid and at least 2 hours of free time to explore, schedule spa treatments, shamanic sessions or to simply relax. An all-levels yoga class is offered daily and sometimes there are discussion groups on relevant creative well-being topics in the evenings.


How large a group usually participates?

To date, Sigrid has kept the size of her retreat groups small--8-20 guests, depending on the accommodations.

Do you have to be an artist?

The art workshops are designed for all levels of artistic ability. The purpose of these sessions is to unleash each person's natural talent and self-expression. The techniques taught are easy for everyone to learn and the goal is to use the art to capture ideas that remind us of our most heartfelt personal intentions and to serve as a memento of the very special retreat experience. The concept of visual journaling best describes the creative sessions which are focused on the process, not the product.


What if you don't know how to do yoga?

Like the art workshops, the yoga classes are geared towards all levels from complete beginners to regular practitioners. The goal is to quiet the mind and help each of us learn to relax, feel centered and achieve balance in our lives. Private sessions are available for an extra fee in addition to the regular classes for those who would like to add a more advanced  instruction or slower paced tutorial.


Is it OK to go on a retreat by yourself?

Absolutely! Bonding happens very quickly--It is a the perfect opportunity to make new and lasting friendships. It is also a great chance to bond with a sister, mother, daughter, best friend on a deeper level.


How can I learn more about Sigrid's Retreats?

Please email or call (508) 843-8096. Sigrid will be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have.



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