This Week's Sharing Circles

Theme: Life Vision

A Letter from Sigrid:

Dear Friends,

After months of social isolation, the entire landscape of our lives has been undeniably changed.  One thing I know--humans  need to connect and these sharing circles are a great way to do just that. 


Even though each of our experiences is different--the need for calm and camaraderie is the same. For some, small pebbles of difficulty that were mere annoyances have turned into major boulders of hardship and pain. Obstacles seem insurmountable. By contrast, for others, it has been a welcome chance to slow down and re-examine priorities.


No matter what your particular situation, it never hurts to take a moment and find stillness--to do some scrupulous self-inquiry and begin to re-imagine the shape and contour of your life.

These sharing circles that I started offering back in mid-March, at the start of this pandemic, have become a wonderful safe place to explore all these things for many of us. There is time for journaling and sharing, in the afterglow of a really relaxing  guided meditation. Come once, come weekly---whatever fits your schedule.


All are welcome any time--tell your friends!

Sessions are totally free. 



We offer them 3 times every week. (See schedule to the left...)

Please email us each week (remember to include the # of the session you want to attend)and we'll send you the link to sign on. Schedules are posted weekly. 


With Grace and Gratitude,


 About Zoom Sharing Circles:

A few things to note:​​

  • To register: Email your request, including the session # you wish to attend.

  • To join: Simply click on the link that is emailed to you for your particular session, which will bring you to Zoom.

  • There is no cost. During Covid 19 crisis, Sigrid is offering this as her way to help folks find solace.

  • Once everyone is ON we will have a few moments of free exchange and Sigrid will begin to welcome everyone to the days theme.

  • Next, Sigrid will lead a short guided meditation. If you’ve never meditated before, it is simple, just sit comfortably and follow the prompts. 

  • Afterwards, you will have 8 minutes to write in your journals. So…please bring a journal or something to write on. I will provide journal prompts/questions for those who want it.

  • Then Sigrid will open it up for all participants to share if they want to. This is not required, but  everyone will have the opportunity to be heard.

  • This is a safe, confidential  space. Honest, vulnerable, heartfelt candid expression is very important. Mutual respect and support is our only rule!! 

#45 Monday July 13th 5:00-6:30 pm EDT

#46 Tuesday July 14th  9:30-11:00 am EDT

#47 Wednesday July 15th 12:00-1:30 pm EDT