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Online Sharing Circles with Sigrid

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Mondays 5-6:30 pm ET

SHARING CIRCLES are open to everyone and totally free. 

There is no commitment--just show up!

Here is the link to join (same every week)--

*Please note--this is a new link as of 3/10/21



Meeting ID 829 9150 2921

Password 317081

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What is a sharing circle, anyway?

Sharing circles grew out of Sigrid's Creative Wellbeing Retreats, and were taken online during the period of home-based Covid isolation. We have continued since those days and enjoy meeting new people all the time.


We all need to take time to quiet the mind, untangle our thoughts and just be. We do it together. The circles change constantly--some people have attended since the beginning ( over 3 years ago!) and some drop in now and then. It really doesn't matter how often you come or if you have ever even meditated before. The idea is to create a safe space to join together and support one another without judgement or comparison. It seems to bring the best out in everyone--it's a joy to see.


So what do we actually do? We start with a 12 minute guided meditation,  followed by a 10 minute journaling session and then we open it up for anyone who wants to share their writing, random thoughts or inspiration from the meditation or theme of the day. We love having new people join, and we also cherish the community we have built. 

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 Sigrid's Guided Meditations

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