A Letter from Sigrid:

Dear Friends,

Early this Spring, when Covid 19 suddenly became front page news, we all retreated into the safety (and isolation) of our homes, while the pandemic took up all the space. We hardly felt able to breathe, which is exactly what we needed. Now, so many weeks later, we are still enveloped in uncertainty. Many of us are high achievers, doers who feel a bit lost when there is nothing to do. That's why we learn to surrender. We take action where we can, and then let go.


We are not alone. People all over the world are joined in this massive global re-set. Finances are threatened, we may have lost our sense of purpose, feel boredom or despair--or possibly, we've gained just what we needed-- a chance to pause. Granted, it has been a long pause, but it has given us a chance to really consider what is important, vital to our well-being.


For me, like others--I have concentrated on home-based tasks, creative projects, cooking, walking outdoors, studying for my yoga certification, etc...but I still felt moved to give. So I initiated  free online gatherings for like-minded spirits that need  comfort, community and calm in the midst of chaos.


I now lead online sharing circles and guided meditations circles 3 times a week for FREE to anyone who wants to join. It feels wonderful! It has become something that we all (myself and my participants) all look forward to. Time to connect, slow down, take a moment for ourselves and share all the feels during this very unusual time.


If you would like to try it out, all are welcome any time. Come once, come every week. Next week marks 10 weeks of this consistent practice. I will keep offering this weekly, so if you feel drawn to the idea, just email me (remember to include the # of the session you want to attend) and I will send you the link to sign on. Schedules are posted weekly.

With Grace and Gratitude,



Week's Theme: Surrender

#28 Monday June 1st 5:30-7:00 pm EDT

#29 Tuesday June 2nd  9:30-11:00 am EDT

#30 Wednesday June 3rd 1:00-2:30 pm EDT

To Register:

EMAIL US for the meeting Link. Please remember to include the # for your session selection.

All sessions are free.


Whether you are a major corporation or a small family run business, these are difficult times. Sigrid has engaged with groups of all sizes to offer tools for relaxation and self-care. If you or anyone you know would like engage with Sigrid to offer guided meditation/sharing circles for your team, please email us here.

 About Zoom Sharing Circles:

A few things to note:​​

  • To register: Email your request, including the session # you wish to attend.

  • To join: Simply click on the link that is emailed to you for your particular session, which will bring you to Zoom.

  • There is no cost. During Covid 19 crisis, Sigrid is offering this as her way to help folks find solace.

  • We have implemented security measures such as the password, which you will also receive. Enter  password when prompted, and then wait in "waiting room"  until Sigrid admits you.

  • Make sure you have functioning audio (microphone) and video (camera) on your laptop, computer or phone when you participate. 

  • It is important that you find a quiet nook for this process somewhere in your house. This is not just so you can be peaceful and calm, but also to minimize background noise for others.

  • Once everyone is ON we will have a few moments of free exchange and Sigrid will begin to welcome everyone to the days theme.

  • Next, Sigrid will lead a short guided meditation. If you’ve never meditated before, it is simple, just sit comfortably and follow the prompts. 

  • Afterwards, you will have 8 minutes to write in your journals. So…please bring a journal or something to write on. I will provide journal prompts/questions for those who want it.

  • Then Sigrid will open it up for all participants to share if they want to. This is not required, but  everyone will have the opportunity to be heard.

  • This is a safe, confidential  space. Honest, vulnerable, heartfelt candid expression is very important. Mutual respect and support is our only rule!!