Online Sharing Circles with Sigrid

ALL SHARING CIRCLES are open to everyone and totally free. 


#110 Sharing Circle
MONDAY January 18th 5:00-6:30 pm EST
Zoom link:
Passcode: 641454
Meeting ID: 851 9212 4811
#111 Sharing Circle
TUESDAY January 19th 12:00 noon-1:30 pm EST
Zoom link:
Passcode:  198204
Meeting ID: 868 6303 2815

What is a sharing circle, anyway?

Sharing circles grew out of Sigrid's Creative Wellbeing Retreats, now taken online during this period of home-based isolation. Every week there is a particular theme: nature, inspiration, gratitude, self-reflection etc...)


It's a time to quiet the mind, untangle our thoughts and just be. Together. The circles change constantly--some people have attended since the beginning (8 months ago!) and some drop in now and then. It really doesn't matter how often you come or if you have ever even meditated before. The idea is to create a safe space to join together and support one another without judgement or comparison. It seems to bring the best out in everyone, which is such a good thing! 


So what do we actually do? We start with a 12 minute guided meditation,  followed by a 10 minute journaling session and then we open it up for anyone who wants to share their writing, random thoughts or inspiration from the meditation or theme of the day. We love having new people join, and we also cherish the community we have built. The schedule is posted here every week--

TO LISTEN to Sigrid's guided meditation anytime click here.

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