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Our 100th online sharing circle!

It feels significant that today we are gathering for the hundredth time. I started this 9 months ago and, thanks to all of you, I have learned, earned (not dollars BTW) and yearned for so much.

When this all started--(remember the "shelter in place" phrase?--it seemed so nice to me then). But this time hasn't been nice for everyone. It hasn't been easy. However, we are doing it, we are growing stronger and more connected--as Glennon Doyle says "We can do hard things."

Hard things are easier when we do them together--and when we trust one another, I feel blessed to have come this far with the group. I was drawn to leading these circles without knowing why or even how to do it. I just knew it was important and that I'd figure it out if I just let it unfold.. That in itself was a lesson. I'm navigating completely new terrain...we all are.

It's not lost on me that we birthed something in nine months-it takes consistency and nourishment to let an idea gestate. So Let's celebrate this "birth" day by doing all the things--meditation, breathing, contemplating, writing, sharing, we do every time! hold space for each other as we navigate completely new terrain. I’m so grateful for everything- and everybody--each person who leant their particular energy to the group. If you’d like to join for the first, fifteenth or 100th time, please do! Link is always on the Sharing Circles page on my website.


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